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Europa Web Sites

Europa Orbiter (from JPL's Fire and Ice site)
Galileo Europa Mission (GEM)
Europa Fact Sheet (from JPL Galileo site)
Astrobiology Web's Europa Revealed site
SEDS's Europa Info site
Europa from Views of the Solar System
From Satellites of the Outer Planets
Europa Ice Clipper
Design a Spacecraft to Test for Life on Europa
Possibility of Life on Europa
Europa Ocean Conference
NSSDC Info/Images on Europa
VSC Europa Information
MSFC - Clues to Possible Life on Europa from Lake Vostok
United States Geological Survey (USGS) Europa site
Scientific American, April, 1997 - The Greening of Europa
Scientific American, April 14, 1997 - Europa: Wet and Wild
COMPLEX's Exploration of Europa plans
Europa Exobiology Page
International Jupiter Watch (IJW) Satellite Discipline
Oxygen on Europa from Hubble Space Telescope (HST)
Europa and other Galilean Satellites Imaged by HST
Jupiter Moon Europa
Ski Europa!
Europa Ocean Observer
NASA/JPL Europa Information
JPL Solar System Exploration Strategies (includes Europa probes)
Galileo Galilei, Discoverer of Europa
A Day on Europa
AIAA Europa Project Resource Page
Scientific American Magnificent Cosmos Article On Europa Life
Russell Clark's IcePIC Web Page
USGS's Exploring the Deep Ocean Floor
Galileo Messenger - Issue 43
Galileo Messenger - Issue 42
Europa Lander Network
Current Galileo Research on Jupiter's Satellites
LPI's Galileo Images of Europa
A Closer Look at Europa - Teacher Information
Looking for Young Features on Europa - Image Analysis
The Planetary Society Web Page on Europa's Ocean
Diagrams of Galilean Satellite Interiors
NASA Space Telerobotics Program
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Robotics
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Web Links
NASM's Exploring the Planets - Jupiter's Moon Europa
Chesley Bonestell's View of Jupiter from Europa
Animation of Galileo "Zooming" into Europa
SSI Europa Science Page
The Astrobiology Institute, NASA Ames
NASA's Origins Program
NASA's Exobiology Program
American Geophysical Union (AGU) Article on Galilean Satellites
The Partially Watery World of Europa (AGU)
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) Jupiter Section
NASA Planetary Photojournal - Select Jupiter Icon for Europa Images
Europa from TPS Space Image Gallery
Images of Jupiter and the Galilean Moons
Scott Meves' Europa Web Site
University of Michigan's Europa Web Site
Jupiter Events
SEDS FTP Site of Jupiter and Galilean Moons Images
Possible Worlds Planetscapes - Jupiter Gallery
Don Dixon's Ice Lead on Europa
Don Davis' The Freezing of Ancient Europa
Chris Butler's Crossroads of Europa
Michael Carroll's Europa 6 Billion A.D.
Europa Page from A Wormhole in the Cosmos
Time Magazine's Space Empire - Mysteries of Europa
JPL Artist's Rendition of Possible Europa Hydrobot
Galilean Satellites Orbit Tracking
Animation of Galilean Satellites Orbiting Jupiter
Java Jupiter - Tracking the Galilean Moons and GRS
Maps of the Solar System - Jupiter and Galilean Moons
A Space Library (Sol System Resources)
3-D Renderings of the Planets - Jupiter and Europa
Pioneer 10 and 11 Web Site
Voyager 1 and 2 Web Site
Arizona State University (ASU) - Jupiter and Satellites
Galilean Satellites Eclipse Timings
Jupiter and Moons Viewers
Europa Bibliography
Phil Stooke's Maps of Sol System Bodies
Ocean Modeling and Remote Sensing Labs at IMCS
NSSDC Jupiter Page
Third IAA Conference on Low-Cost Planetary Missions
Scouting for Life: Prospects for Our Solar System
NSSDC Information on Europa Orbiter
Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) - June 9, 1998
APOD - March 10, 1998
APOD - March 3, 1998
APOD - January 2, 1998
APOD - August 15, 1997
APOD - April 17, 1997
APOD - November 20, 1996
APOD - October 22, 1996
APOD - August 13, 1996
APOD - August 6, 1996
APOD - August 14, 1996
APOD - July 30, 1996
APOD - September 5, 1995
APOD - April 9, 1997
APOD - April 10, 1997
APOD - September 29, 1997
APOD - January 17, 1997
Life on Ice
EJASA - March, 1990
EJASA - July, 1990
Deep Space 2 - Mars Microprobe
Deep Space 4 - Champollion Comet Lander/Sample Return Mission
Cardiff Blue Preprint Series No. 138, May, 1997 - Visions of Horror?
The Astonishing Redness of Kuiper Belt Objects
Panspermia: Cosmic Ancestry
High wire act may be best way to explore Europa - MSFC, March 13, 1998
Exotic microbes in Antarctic Ice - MSFC, March 12, 1998
The Europa Enigma - Star & Sky, January, 1980
News articles on Europa Life from 1979
New York Times article on Europa - August 13, 1996
The Satellites of Jupiter, from The Galileo Project
Carl Sagan Home Page Planetarium - Jupiter
Jupiter with Europa and Io from Voyager 1, 1979
Jupiter with Io, Europa, and Callisto by Voyager 1, 1979
APOD - September 10, 1998
Sci.Astro FAQ 6 - Life on Europa (also Bioastronomy and SETI)
Europan Black Smoker by David A. Hardy
An Opening in Europa's Ice Crust by Joe Bergeron
Two views of Jupiter from Europa by Chesley Bonestell (Space Art International)
PBS Online Newshour - Icy Moon transcript, April 10, 1997
Jupiter and the Galilean Moons from NASA SpaceLink
Images of Jupiter and Galilean Moons from NASA SpaceLink
Satellites and Rings from Voyager Jupiter Science Sumary (PDS)
Europa Ocean Discovery Mission - Brad Edwards' Web Site (LANL)
Is There Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa?
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Glaciology
Scientific American: Magnificent Cosmos - Planetary Tour: Jupiter
Teacher and Students Stand on Europa - NSS Ad Astra, May/June, 1997
Abstracts on Europa from DPS-AAS Meeting, October, 1998
New Millennium Observatory: NeMO Cruise 1998
Polar Pointers - Links to Arctic and Antarctic Web Sites
COSPAR 98 Papers on Europa Biology
Europa/Lake Vostok Initiative
German DLR Web Site on Galileo Jupiter Mission
Galileo Research (Imaging of the Galilean Satellites of Jupiter)
Marsbugs: The Electronic Astrobiology Newsletter
Planetary Biology
Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD)
The Moons of Jupiter - The Medici Planets
MSNBC - Galileo Probe Plumbs the Depths of Europa
Spacecraft Galileo at Jupiter (JPL)
Icy Europa by Brian Smallwood
On Europa by John Whatmough
Galileo's First Look at Ganymede and Europa - TPR, Nov./Dec., 1996
Oxygen Detected on Europa - Bioastronomy News, 2nd Quarter, 1995
Dive Europa T-Shirt from The Planetary Society
Icarus - International Journal of Solar System Studies
The New Solar System, Fourth Edition
Mars Microphone - The Planetary Society (TPS)
Latest Galileo Look at Europa - October 2, 1998
DSN - Bringing Images from Space to Earth (Galileo - Europa)
Europa from the Encyclopedia Mythica
Exobiology and Europa
Europa Exobiology Page
Moon Miners' Manifesto, by Peter Kokh
Skiing for Smarten - Europa Jupiter Ski Safari Announcement
Odysseus Mission: Europa Lander and Subsurface Probe (Cornell)
Evaluating the Biological Potential of Returning Solar System Body Samples
Dave Thomas' Exobiology and Terraforming Page
Intelligent Mechanisms Group (NASA)
Ocean AdVENTure
Environmental Impact Statement on Europa Orbiter
Sea and Sky - Tour of the Solar System: Europa
Plugged Into Space (Tethers) - MSFC, October 15, 1998
Tour the Cosmos with Mark Steiner (Life's Cosmic Origins)
The Frosty Plains of Europa (MSFC - December 3, 1998)
A Liquid Water Ocean Under Callisto's Ice?
Outer Planets/Solar Probe Project Information (Europa Orbiter)
Life in the Universe - Jovian Moons
Astronomy Picture of the Day - December 15, 1998
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI)
Europa from The Planetary Society's Great Space Place
SEDS's Planets of the Solar System
Nova's "Into the Abyss" (PBS-TV)
Life in Extreme Environments (NSF)
Searching for Life on Europa - AGU, December 9, 1998
The Dr. Carl Sagan Honorary Web Site
The Calendars of Jupiter (and its Galilean Moons)
Measuring Physical Properties at the Surface of a Comet Nucleus, by Andrew J. Ball
ScienceNet - Physics and Astronomy: Jupiter
Getting to the Bottom - Scientific American, July, 1998
Observatorio ARVAL - Galileo Images and Information on Europa
Observatorio ARVAL - Europa Images/Info in Castellano
Rosetta Comet Lander (ESA)
Does Europa Live? - Spacer.Com, December 14, 1998
Rosetta May Open Europan Mysteries - Spacer.Com, December 30, 1998
Lavochkin Association Current and Future Space Projects
Lander and Rosetta Articles from ESA Bulletin 93, February, 1998
Cassini-Huygens Saturn-Titan articles from ESA Bulletin 92, November, 1997
Huygens Titan Lander Tests articles from ESA Bulletin 85, February, 1996
NASA Astrobiology Institute
StarDate Guide to the Sol System
StarDate Magazine - September/October, 1998
Mobile Robot Laboratory
Development of a Rover-Deployed Ground Penetrating Radar for Planetary Applications
Galileo Opens New World of Exploration - Spacer.Com, January 12, 1999
Life on the Edge - MSFC, January 13, 1999
Europa, the Past and Future, by Calvin J. Hamilton
Jupiter from Tim Maynard's Astronomy Site
JupSat 95 - Jovian Satellite Simulator for MS Windows 95
Charting the Future of Planetary Science Missions - SpaceViews, December, 1998
Electrodynamic Tether Propulsion and Power Generation at Jupiter (PDF)
Digging in Antarctica - ABC News Series
McMurdo Antarctica Dry Valleys Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)
The Planet Jupiter by The Mars Hotel
ProSEDS Electric SPace Tether - MSFC, January 22, 1999
Jupiter's Moon Europa
Robotic Antarctic Meteorite Search
Articles on Europa from Science for May 23, 1997
Life on Europa by Timothy Ferris
Life on Other Planets by Thomas Gold
Extremophiles - Scientific American, April, 1997
Life, Life Everywhere - Scientific American, November 25, 1996
Microbes Deep Inside Earth - Scientific American, October, 1996
Wonders by Philip Morrison: Gutless - Scientific American, July, 1996
Hydrobot Design Issues
Galileo Buzzes Europa - MSFC, Februry 2, 1999
Life's First Scalding Steps - Science News, January 9, 1999
Life is a Strange Attractor, by John Corliss of CEU Systems Laboratory
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory's VENTS Program
Europa Poem by Lisa Jain Thompson
Evaluating the Biological Potential in Samples Returned from Sol System Bodies
JPL Article on Solar Alternatives to Nuclear Powered Space Probes
NASA Astrochemistry Laboratory
Deep Sea Vents from Smithsonian Ocean Planet
Scientific American article on ET life by Carl Sagan
Cone Penetrometer Testing
Global Cold Laboratories (Ice Communities)
ProSEDS to Test Wire Space Tether - MSFC, March 22, 1999
Electrodynamic Tethers for Jovian Exploration
The Nanoworld Web Site

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