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Flowback Services

Strong Flowback Support

Timely, high-performance flowback support can make a big impact on both initial production and overall well and reservoir understanding. KLX Energy Services is ready to help at every step, from frac-stage phase separation to drill-out management and comprehensive well testing.

Crews that Keep You on Track

Our experienced crews understand the potential pitfalls uncovered during flowback operations, mitigating issues such as hydrate formation that can eventually lead to NPT if not addressed. They are also familiar with common technical issues in your basin (excessive sand production, etc.) and staged nearby to help.

Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Equipment

We bring everything you need for total flowback optimization, from flowback infrastructure such as separation equipment to simple junk-catchers to help during drill-out. KLX equipment is built to handle high pressures and temperatures, up to 15,000 psi, as well as flow streams that contain H2S and CO2.

Flowback that Plans Ahead

KLX Energy Services also performs extensive quality control measures before and after every job. This includes a full visual inspection of equipment prior to deployment, as well as a detailed specification and logistical review that makes sure you have what you need, when you need it. That’s why so many operators across the United States rely on forward-thinking flowback support from KLX.

Next Level Environmental Performance

We also deliver solutions with minimal environmental impact by setting up safe, quality equipment that eliminates fluids, gases and other wellbore contaminants that could escape into the atmosphere, wellsite or water.

Flowback Equipment
  • 3 and 4 phase separators
  • Frac manifolds
  • Junk catchers
  • Sand vessels
  • Flow iron
  • Grease/maintenance equipment
Flowback Services
  • Facilities and state-of-the-art equipment in every major basin
  • Advanced pre-frac and post-frac well-testing and production support
  • Teams of experts who understand flowback and can provide responsive support
  • Basin-specific flowback optimization programs and methodologies that help make the most of any asset

Optimized Solutions

Bringing it all together

KLX Energy Services' optimized solutions give you immediate access to everything you need to streamline mission-critical well support operations such as millout and debris cleanup, plug-and-perf operations or pipe recovery. This includes proven experts, specialized tools and new technologies together in one package—helping get you to production or back on track quickly.

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