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A Quality Management System Designed to API Specifications

At KLX Energy Services, our main objective is to meet all specified requirements with customer satisfaction and continual improvement in mind. We achieve this by implementing a corporate Quality Management System (QMS) designed to API Specifications - a combination of API Specification Q1 for providing products and API Specification Q2 for conducting services on location. All KLX Energy Services locations, personnel and product lines utilize this QMS as this is how we conduct our business.

Our QMS documents, forms and important records are available to all KLX Energy Services employees on the company intranet’s Supply Chain/Quality SharePoint site.

Each KLX Energy Services facility has fully trained and competent employees. Job descriptions identify job responsibilities and qualification requirements. Procedures and SOP/Work Instructions are issued to guide the employee through these assigned tasks.

KLX Energy Services’ facilities are audited internally to assure of internal compliance to QMS.

KLX’s vendors are specially reviewed or assessed before they are determined to be qualified vendors. Qualified vendors are listed on KLX’s Approved Vendor List (AVL) for the category of product/service they provide. Vendor performance reviews are conducted periodically for continual improvement reasons.

Customer orders are received and processed at our facilities and/or on location to meet the customer’s requirements.

Inspection and testing are conducted on all vendor furnished parts and equipment and on KLX product returned from service orders with the customer. Servicing at the customer’s location includes verifying or testing that the service was successful.

As part of data analysis for continuing improvement purposes and in order to provide results on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prior to Management Review meetings, KLX Energy Services conducts periodic reviews including:

  • Nonconformance (NPT) Reports
  • Corrective Action Requests
  • Preventive Action Requests
  • Product Alerts
  • Vendor Performance
  • Internal Quality Audit reports
  • Customer Satisfaction grades
  • Quality Objectives, among other subjects

All of these continual QMS processes assures that KLX Energy Services will meet the requirements of the Quality Policy and of the QMS and that we continually improve and have customer satisfaction.